The concept is simple

choose a curry – lamb, chicken , or vegetarian – pair it with a vegetable and finally choose your rice

each meal consists of three different parts !

to begin please:

A Tiffin Wallah, a person who delivers a – tiffin – an Indian lunch box consisting of three parts

Traditionally this consists of daal (lentil soup), a curry and rice. In Mumbai alone, more than three hundred thousand –‘tiffins’- are lovingly made and transported to nourish hungry workers via a ‘tiffin wallah every day’.

We have taken this same philosophy and lovingly made each –‘tiffin’- especially for you. Our food is authentic and our delivery is fast insuring a hot meal is there when you want it. We have combined years of experience in the Indian food industry with cutting-edge technology to bring the best Indian experience straight to your door.