Britain’s most popular curries

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Indian take away food is a British tradition! So, what do you order and what is Britain’s most popular curry dish? Curry is now a very generic term used to describe foods made with sauce. In London, the Indian curry is hugely popular and many Indian take away restaurants have adapted their ways of cooking into a British style to ensure we can palate and enjoy their cuisine.

Here are some of the top; curries in the UK:

  • Korma
  • Massala
  • Jalfrezi
  • Rogan Josh
  • Phaal
  • Vindaloo

An Indian takeaway menu is full of a wide range of dishes and the aforementioned are commonly found throughout London and the rest of the UK.

You can order takeaway online, you can order takeaway in a restaurant and you can order it over the phone; but no matter where you order it the ever-popular korma will always be on the menu. It has a distinct coconut taste and although it is rich and creamy it lacks fire, which is what often makes it so desired!

Indian take away lovers may wish to take the next step up to the massala; a rich, creamy red sauce that can accompany any meat with just a touch of spice. Vindaloo’s have also become somewhat of a traditional British dish but for the hardened football supporters watching their team in the bitterly cold; a phaal is the ultimate mouth burner!

Britain’s most popular curry also depends on where you live in the country. If you live in the north of England and pick up an Indian takeaway menu it will be the hottest food you can find, whereas Londoners often choose to take it easy and enjoy a korma via their order takeaway online button…