What is Tandoori Cooking?

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Have you ever been looking at an Indian takeaway menu and wondered about how the beautiful tandoori dishes are made and what gives it the rich yet unique flavours?

The meaning of tandoori

The name tandoori is a way of cooking food that derives from the name of the clay oven that is used called a tandoor that can be found in every respectable Indian take away. The meat is often marinated in tasty Indian spices and yoghurt and then slow cooked over hot burning charcoals in the tandoor. Naan and roti breads are also often cooked via a tandoor oven and chicken is the most common tandoori meat dish.

The earliest evidence of tandoors goes back to 2500BC these ovens were used by families for parties and celebrations. London Indian delivery services will often use a modern tandoor to cook their food.

Tandoori from an Indian takeaway menu

When you are ordering from an Indian takeaway menu and see the word tandoori chicken, lamb or any other meat or dish reading tandoori you may want to check you are getting the real deal. As Indian food is so popular in the UK some restaurants have had to cut corners to keep up with demand and meat will often be cooked on the grill instead of in the tandoor to ensure a quicker cooking time.

It is worth waiting the extra time to have your tandoori cooked in the tandoor and you should ask about how your dish will be cooked and explain you don’t mind waiting the additional time it will take to ensure the better taste!

Indian take away has become a national dish in the UK and it needs to be preserved so future generations can enjoy an authentically-cooked tandoori dish.